It's time to get festive!


Experience a truly special festive Season in the most stylish restaurant in Orpington.

Live entertainment throughout December!

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Truly Unique Mediterranean Experience

Distinctive and delicious fine dining from Italy, Greece and Spain. Handcrafted food, drinks, and sounds, served in a relaxing atmosphere.


Launched in 2017, Scala Mediterranean Bar & Grill in Orpington is different from the rest.

It’s delicious food, friendly service, and relaxing atmosphere all provide for an exceptional fine dining experience with distinctive character.

Scala’s fine dining menu is fuelled by fantastic Mediterranean flavours and smart pairings, which you will truly enjoy with your family, friends, and partner.

Our venue provides a unique and stylish setting for fine dining, receptions, parties, and events in Orpington. The Bar combines handcrafted food, drinks, and sounds, served in a relaxing atmosphere.

Whatever you are toasting to, there’s a drink to suit the occasion, and we believe life should be celebrated.