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Wine Menu

Trebbiano Terre Allegre, 11%, Italy

Delicate and slightly floral, this crisp white offers hints of zesty lime, lemon and green apple notes and a refreshing finish.

175ml 4.70 | 250ml 6.45 | Bottle 18.95

Cortefresia Pinot Grigio, 12%, Italy

Light, crisp and refreshing. This zesty wine is packed with fresh fruit flavours and clean minerality.

175ml 5.70 | 250ml 7.45 | Bottle 21.95

Nuovo Quadro Gavi di Gavi, 11.5%, Italy

Fresh & zesty citrus notes and ripe peachy characters are balanced by crisp acidity and mineral notes.

Bottle 38.95

Montsable Chardonnay, 13%, France

A melange of pears, peach, honey toffee, cream and vanilla on the palate. Beautifully balanced with ripeness, acidity length and real structure.

175ml 6.50 | 250ml 7.75 | Bottle 22.95

Los Espinosy Cardos Sauvignon Blanc, 13%, Chile

Bursting with vibrant zesty citrus fruit and a hint of exotic guava. Hugely refreshing, with soft super-juicy ripe fruit.

175ml 6.60 | 250ml 7.95 | Bottle 23.95

Vina Bemposta Alabarino, 13%, Spain

A fuller bodied fruit driven wine, balanced acidity followed by tropical fruity notes of tart mango and citrus.

Bottle 29.95

Sugar Loaf Sauvignon Blanc. 13%, New Zealand

Gentle leafy aromos, followed by a crisp bite of lime with notes of green pepper and gooseberry.

Bottle 36.95